Expose the dark reaches of your mind here…

Bought some rhubarb.

Last time it was safe. This time… I don’t know. It seemed more edgy – like making a crack deal in the East Bronx.

Twitchy. Not a lot of eye contact and a shifting of foot to foot.

The transaction was surreptitious. I was thankful I had a substantial jacket with suitably sized pockets.

During the exchange, an expensive saloon with tinted windows rolled past, paused for a moment, and then rolled on. This unnerved the guy. I noticed the butt of a semi-automatic pistol protruding from his coat.

The deal was done. And in a cold sweat I left the grocers.

One response to “Expose the dark reaches of your mind here…

  1. Dave Smith ⋅

    2012: April 30–May 6
    Screen free week, formerly TV-Turnoff.
    A global digital detox.
    There are many things we can do to make life better for ourselves and each-other.
    For example you could purchase a ‘Tv-B-Gone’ online, they’re relatively cheap.
    By the way did you know that you’ve been poisoned?
    I’m afraid to say that hexafluorosilicic acid (an industrial waste product) has been surreptitiously added to your water supply.
    You might have noticed you have dental hygiene problems, despite your diet or how much care you take of your teeth.
    These are the symptoms of Fluorosis.
    Also much research appears to indicate a link between water fluoridation and general apathy, and also i.q deficits.
    Alternatively you may choose to believe that the government really cares about your dental health.

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